Website Package

Base price starting at just $999
  • Domain name registration for a year or on an annual basis is about A $49
  • A thoroughly professional web designing and development for at least 5 web pages is undertaken for about A $800
  • The content development charges for up to 3 pages or a 400 word count is about A $200
  • We can add up to 15 images in a gallery page and the prices are based on the genre and image type
  • The pricing for a Windows-based Web Hosting service with about 300 MB space is A $180
  • We can generate or setup at least 15 business email addresses so as to render a professional outlook. The costs for the same is A $60
  • Online support by an experienced Technical support team to assist you in setting up your email accounts, or any other form of inputs will be provided by our qualified team
  • We will help you with the Google analytics reporting methodology which provides you with insights into your website traffic and online marketing effectiveness. The pricing for the same is A $75
Step 1- Choose a domain name for your business
What is a domain name?
It is basically, an identification strain that sums up the reach, influence or exclusivity online

A domain name or the URL is basically your business’ online identifier. It is basically the address of your business. Like for example, or You can also select from these like,, .biz, .info, .com, .org and .net addresses. But the most common and preferred one would be for the Australian geography.

We do offer a domain name checker service page at The Ocean Technology Group. And this would help us find your choice domain address in just minutes. Alternatively, if your choice selection is not available, we will give you suggestions for the nearest options that are available. If on the other hand, you have found a domain name of your choice, call us or email us and we will undertake the requisite registration process. Now how does that sound? Doable isn’t it?

Step 2- Choose your Design Template
A Design Layout is a pre-determined design pattern that includes the styles and elements a website should feature. On our website, you will find thousands of professionally designed layouts that are apt for various business categories

Our Design Layout team at The Ocean Technology Group design-layout would endeavour to determine a design that would suit your needs. All that you have to do is to just select a few design layout templates that you like, note down the reference code and just email it to us, so we could discuss and finalise the same when we touch base.

Please Note: If in fact, you liked a Design template, it can be modified to suit your requirements and you have the liberty to choose any design template from any business category. Even if they are not related to your business domain we can still tailor it to suit your specifications.

Step 3- Consultation with The Ocean Technology Group Professional Web Developer and Content Writer
You can discuss your requirements with our team members during our regular meetings

We will help you select the Design Layout template from the shortlisted set. Our staff members’ will in turn work with you closely to clearly understand and study all your stipulations related to the design, layout, graphics, content, your products, services and marketing plan.

Here is where we are different. In addition to the design and development work, we also offer content marketing services, wherein our qualified content writers will contact you to understand your exact requirements and then devise the content accordingly. We facilitate developing the website content and will handhold you all through the way till final delivery.

To make it simple and easy, we will provide you with a Content Form to fill out. This would just take around 20 minutes to complete. Simply add your ideas and any content in the format listed in the Form. If you have an existing logo, a brief write-up about your company, team and about the services you offer. Alternatively, you could also email the same to us. If there are any existing marketing collateral that you have previously created like fliers, posters, brochures, profiles or images, then you could share the same with us.

Our Sales personnel will clarify in detail, when they speak to you.

Step 4- Review your Website
Once the discussions are finalized about the website design and content, we will methodically develop a framework and design and develop the website

On completion of the initial work on the WIP website, we will send you the link of the draft website and seek your inputs, suggestions and queries if any. In the website, you will notice text like ‘dummy content’ or ‘dummy content’, ‘need to add content here’ etc. These are just indicators suggesting how and where the content, images or any other added features would appear.

Lastly, we will send out a sample page so you can review your website for design, functionality features and featured content.

Step 5- So, Yes! Your company’s website is ready and going live!
We at The Ocean Technology Group will activate all the links, inner pages, functionality components, add the content that is keyword-rich and specific, search engine optimise your website, so as to enable it to appear with good rankings on all relevant search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla and other popular local search engines.

For any of our clients’, we will assign at 5 business email IDs so as to complete the professional look and feel. Once the email IDs are set up on your desktop, laptop or any supporting device, you can operate the email on Microsoft Outlook or any other compatible mail service software.

After you sign up with us for engaging our services, and we have finalised the design template, within 3 weeks, we will share the working URL with you and you can constantly monitor, check and update us about the website under construction.

Finally, the wait is over for your business to be released and unleashed on the internet so as to capture all the benefits of going online.

The Ocean Technology Group website package

If you want to know upfront what our professional charges are. The pricing for our well-devised website packages and services, the line-up is detailed below

So how do you think that we at The Ocean Technology Group can provide all this and more at just $999*?

Well, it is clearly a win-win situation. For both the client and us and we have rationally laid it out here. We at The Ocean Technology Group have studied, analysed and researched the different business market segments in Australia. And after careful consideration, planning and processing we decided the benefits that we derive should be more on a long-term basis. Though, initially, we wouldn’t be able to realise the fruits of our labour, but gradually, when we add on more clients’, it will only prove beneficial. An example for the same is outlined here for better understanding. We sign up with a client, we register a domain name for them, create, design and develop their website and we will set up their email ID accounts and then for a year we will host their website.

Therefore, in the process The Ocean Technology Group is currently developing over 30 new websites for varied businesses on a regular basis for clients’ based out of Australia. And that’s well over a good number. If we can retain at least 90% of our clients’ (please remember, you have no absolutely no obligation to continue staying with us), then we are well on the road to a explosive growth.

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