Search Engine

When a person enters keywords in the search engine and chooses your website from the results page.


When your URL is entered or typed directly into the address bar or accessed via a bookmark.


Incoming traffic from links on other websites, emails or other promotional links.

So how are results measured?

Assessing results

This basically entails measuring the success rates of the techniques adopted to track, increase, and direct the traffic to a website. By observing the ratings plotted on a chart and taking in all the relevant determinants, we would be able to measure, gauge, guide and modify our prescribed methodology for you. But all this is done only after following the set standard principles that are already existent and mandatory.

Nature of visits

We will always trace back to the root and analyse where the traffic actually starts off or the original point. Armed with these inputs, we will identify, the traffic flow, trends and traffic types like if a person is entering keywords and visiting your site, chooses your website from the results displayed, directly entering the URL, visiting your website from other websites like social media sites, links or other sites.

Identify the Search Engine

There are many search engines which are visited by people on a regular basis. Some of the popular sites are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla etc. But studies have revealed that in the Australian continent, Google is the popular search engine. Thus identifying the type of website is important.

Time taken for results

After we have absolutely implemented the SEO principles and optimized your website, it would take time for your visibility to increase and for your rankings to get better. This is more relevant to new businesses’ or brand-new websites as the search engine’s analysis to rate would take time.

Track Conversions

We always track the conversions and also as to how many visitors and how it translates to etc. all this for your benefit and the site’s betterment.

Search Engine Styles

All search engines have their own style of functioning. Therefore, we study the search engine styles and their requirements before we give our clients’ the much needed inputs and suggestions.

Keywords-driven traffic

When we know what terms searchers are entering when looking for information online, we check on keywords and we can trace a pattern there. We identify the words, frequency, and relevance and then see if this search really works or not.

Rankings Variants

Sometimes the rankings vary and this is quite natural and if it were steadily dropping then we do step in and attempt to plug the problem.

Likely Variations

Sometimes it is common for the ratings to fall or change. This maybe because of some changes made to the website, links changed or added and sometimes it could also be because of the search engine crawlers and therefore, we wait for a few days before we evolve an action plan and most times we have succeeded in rectifying the same.

Sudden Dives

If the rankings falls suddenly, then we undertake an immediately review of our SEO strategy and see if it is working or if the issues stem from that or some other reason.

We at The Ocean Technology Group are pioneers in the area of SEO or search engine optimization

Therefore, when you think of riding the search engine pinnacle wave or want to know what it is to be at the Summit and to continue being so, we are definitely the go to people, the SEO specialists!

Additionally, some changes The Ocean Technology Group can compose for you to generate better results would be:

  • If you have a shopping cart website, then we could feature different product descriptions and create a buzz around which is better and have a whole discussion spawning around it.
  • Having infographics, or conveying information via the usage of good infographics messages also helps content marketing and getting more search traffic.
  • To evade causing ineffective SEO traffic, we need to first be aware of the searcher’s personality.
  • If there is a relevant, interesting infographic that is connected to your genre, then you can use it, showcase it on your website, but of course with a link back to the original website. This many a time does a lot of good for your website.
  • Your website should have a good loading speed, it is good to be aware of all search engines prescribed page loading speed as it would give you a good leverage, if not that can prove to be detrimental.
  • Evergreen, good content that is informative, useful and helpful is another key to better search results.
  • RWD or responsive web design does bring in more traffic especially to the mobile or hand-held devices. This is a proven point.

We are aware that in today’s online marketing scenario, the key is to come up with out-of-box techniques and processes that would help you ‘stand out’ in the crowd. And in this The Ocean Technology Group will go beyond the call and take you to the pinnacle, a top ranking in the search engines.

So for all your search engine and SEO queries or to understand better, we are just a phone call away!

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