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Domain names follow a set of rules. They are basically an online identification process that actually determines the sovereignty, right or being completely in control of the assigned or chosen name online. Any name that is accepted and registered in the DNS or the domain naming system is a domain name. Domain names have different levels and they are set apart individually by a dot or a period.

Domain naming system or commonly referred to as DNS is a system wherein individual addresses are assigned for representation on the internet or online. Domain names are an integral part of a URL also referred to as the Uniform Resource Locator that is used to search a website. URLs and domain names are not the same. The specific domain names are used in the URLs to help identify a particular web page on the internet. When creating or applying for domain names, only ASCII accepted letters or characters are allowed and we cannot seek a domain name in our native or foreign languages or script. All letters are written only in lowercase in a domain name representation.

What does a Domain name entail? What is its relevance?
  • A domain name is basically made up of one or more components. They are referred to as labels which are represented in a defined way.
  • Domain names do serve as an easy, unforgettable name on the internet. This name defines the client, business or company’s website.
  • They are basically a simple indicator or identifier to represent the rights or control over the said name.
  • Domain names are given so as to give the business, individual, company or organisation the recognisable element online or on the internet.
  • They are unique identifiers. We can choose a domain that corresponds to our business name and thus online searchers recognise us and reach out to us.
  • There are generic as well as individual or specific domain names. A generic domain name sometimes signifies the nature of business rather than the individual name of the business. Specific domain names represent our relevant company or business name.
  • There are many companies or businesses who have crafted well-known brands just based on generic names and these generic domain names are highly-valued.
  • Today, for a business or individual to be visible online and to be easily identified, a domain name is a must.

Now that you know the relevance and importance of domain names, then we would like to throw some light in that regard. When you engage the services of The Ocean Technology Group, then it entails a host of services that we would undertake for you.

The same is categorised below:
  • If you are an established business and you have a domain name already registered, and you would like to have it transferred to our web hosting server, then we would do that for you. That is, if you are also assigning a couple of related projects like revamping or creating and developing a new website, SEO optimisation and any related tasks.
  • If you are a new business and would like us to find a suitable domain name for you, we will register the domain name for you and maintain it for you.
  • An annual maintenance fee and/or a renewal fee for domain name registration and renewal would be applicable.
  • We would also transfer an existing domain name to The Ocean Technology Group account and the same is not time-consuming or difficult.
So for all your web-hosting, domain name registration, transfer or renewal requirements and a host of web applications and website designing work, look no further, contact The Ocean Technology Group today!

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