Deciphering SEO

SEO is a procedure to influence a website’s visibility quotient in any search engine’s natural search results. This method actually includes a set of plans, practices and systems that are adopted so as to increase the number of searchers to your website by way of getting a key ranking or placement in the search results of local, popular and globally well-know search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Mozilla etc.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO guarantees that your website is visible in any relevant search engine and thus increase the chances that your website will be taken note of by a search engine. SEO is a best practice that is adopted so as to increase the rating or ranking of a website. Thereby, this practice would gather more search traffic from just the use of ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘free’ search results on the search engines. If a site ranks higher in organic search results, then it is apparent that the website can expect good user traffic.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimisation?

In a perfect world search engines would analyse every piece of information they encounter. In reality, search engines can only identify information that fits within their algorithms. The process of Search Engine Optimisation ensures every element on your website is visible to search engines, giving it every opportunity to be indexed highly and seen by a wide audience.


If the links on a page are not interlinked well, then search engines may deem the information irrelevant


Search engines cannot identify the content in an image, video or audio files


Search engines cannot read the text unless it is in plain text or in a HTML format. Unfortunately, Java Script and Flash are unreadable by Search engines

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What is elementary to a good SEO strategy?

SEO is all about influencing your site and its connection to other similar websites just so that you are within the accepted algorithms and search crawlers.

  • First of all the development platform and the software code that is employed should be SEO-friendly.
  • It is good to keep a few web pages in your website as the target pages so that it has relevant keywords and related sentences.
  • When it comes to content marketing and SEO, they are inter-related. Keywords are the connecting element. Therefore, it is important to undertake a good keyword research and selecting the right words for representation in the website. This is core to a good SEO strategy. Keywords with good traffic volume, relevance, common usage and a good commercial angle are some of the criteria.
  • Information or content-relevant images can add to the page being optimized.
  • Meta descriptions that are keyword specific also help bettering the page’s presence.
  • Content marketing is another good strategy. The designated target web page should contain keyword-rich content that is useful and appropriate and leads to conversions.
  • A good internal linking or link-building system should be adopted so that the target web page’s importance increases.
Why do I need Search Engine Optimisation?
  • A user-friendly website together with an intuitive design, navigability and easy to operate features all add to the popularity of the website and it should be made compatible on any platform, browser or device.
  • If the website is linked well to social media sites or networks, then that is a very important aspect. As this has a direct bearing on the website’s presence and you can get more links and traffic to the site.
  • We will undertake a detailed keyword research finding competitive, highly-sought out words which can be used in the web page content, tags, descriptions etc.
  • Conduct a detailed website analysis of your website. Suggest changes, if it requires a revamp, makeover, add, delete or change existing pages.
  • We always undertake competitive analysis, so as to verify and examine our client’s competitor’s website; their presence ratings etc. and thus give you an idea as to what needs to be done.
  • Suggest new and improved social management skills, web analytics reports thus enable to help meet your SEO-objectives.
What would The Ocean Technology Group do for you?
  • Off-page, on-page optimization
  • Social media coverage
  • Blogs and articles
  • Meta tags, title tags and descriptions
  • Press releases
We can guarantee:
  • Good success rates and results after a certain period.
  • Our proven track record and our large clientele list just speak for us.
  • Our SEO campaigns are very focused and results-driven.
  • Our team has good SEO experience.
  • As our after-sales services, your visibility, rankings and site ratings will be much higher.

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