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Here at Ocean-lab, we always experiment with Innovation & creativity to cope up with the ever-changing technical-world.

We welcome all the fresh-new-ideas of our team-members however round the bend or off-centre for new Projects, new technologies & new campaigns. In this era of fast-growing technology; where digital is altering at such a great-speed, we count on the incessant exploration of different ways of their own kinds.


The programming markup language HTML 5, Hypertext Markup Language structures and depicts content and multimedia on the web pages. The HTML 5 edition is the fifth updated version. The basic aim is to improvise language readability, supporting the latest multimedia on all gadgets. Some of the newer features include increased compatibility, flexibility, eliminated redundancies, embedded graphics functions, and interactive elements.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is basically a style sheet language that actually depicts the meaning of the content or text on the page. The CSS3 is the latest edition with a lot of newer features. These style sheets actually direct the browser as to how the content should be shown and displayed. It also guides the browser as to how it should showcase a website’s layout, colour scheme etc. All web pages adopt the CSS style sheet system.


Many famous well-known, important and busy websites around the world incorporate Drupal, a no cost open source web development platform. Drupal can be adapted to suit any web design and developers can manoeuvre easily when coding. This platform is very suited for social media websites, as it is scalable and can handle large traffic. It is also good for content publishing, arranging and managing it. It is safe, secure and is widely accepted and used.


PHP is basically a short form for Hypertext Pre-processor. When it comes to web designing and development, PHP should be incorporated as it helps developing robust websites and web pages and renders a great web experience, while employing its resourceful scripting language. As it adopts open-source technology on the server’s side, and have many apt features and functionalities.


jQuery is a very adaptable software that has made JavaScript a lot more acceptable and easier. It is a very small component that is very agile and has a host of beneficial features. It helps navigating easily in HTML documentation, Ajax applications acceptance, animation making and handling events and is compatible with most browsers. The syntax or structuring of jQuery is devised in such a way that it is easy to follow a document by adding, or creating a lot of add-on plug-ins that would help developers create a host of add-on features for web applications and website designing with ease.


As a content management system, Joomla is a well-known and prize-winning system. By incorporating this system in website designing wherein it works specifically for web content depiction and its related aspects. It eases the work involved and is very effective and has many complimentary features which include user-friendly, accessibility. This open source system, written in PHP is free to use and anyone can download and use it. Websites of any size small or large implement this in their web creation. Since it is very adaptable and can be tailored, it is suited for SMBs, small firms and larger enterprises. And for developers, freshers or experienced people, Joomla suits all.


A commonly used, accepted and well-known open source tool for website creation is WordPress. It is configured in PHP and it is mostly used as a personal publishing tool by bloggers and individuals who want to publish their own content or want to create an online presence for them. It is very easy to setup, implement and use as it comes in different templates that are available freely online. WordPress ease of use includes, alternating and switching between themes, without changing any basic design, content depiction and creation.


MySQL is a popular open source RDBMS elaborated as Relational Database Management System that is available for free online. This language uses the SQL or the Structured Query Language structure. Its uses are many and it is known to be quick to process, is very dependable, scalable, easy to use and flexible. This language runs on a server that is good for both large and small applications. It runs on many platforms and is easily downloadable. The MySQL data is stored in a table form.

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