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Web designing can be defined as a design process where we collate our thoughts and ideas, visualise the look and feel and graphically represent them. Web designing is also meant to describe the frontend design process of a website that is visible to all. This also includes the text mark-up.

The design elements and concepts specifically follow some guidelines and principles. This creatively designed frontend representation is visible online to all users’ who are surfing for relevant information on the internet.

Some basic fundamentals of Web Designing include:
  • The Layout - This is the way the basic design, graphics, text and images are placed. The user-friendly layout will help the searcher instantly find the information they are seeking.
  • Colour Coordinates - The colour preferences are based on the type of business, domain, client and audience. Colour representation could be a simple intermingling of primary colours, to multi-coloured representations or basic stand-alone colour coordinates. The colours always convey the brand theme and the client’s traits.
  • Graphic Design - This is the enhancer of any web design. This includes images, icons, brand logo, pictures etc. For graphics to be appealing, the user design experience, the layout, colour and the content should be intuitively placed.
  • Font - Fonts augment the web design. Therefore, based on the design concept, readability quotient, web-safe fonts have to be used.
  • Good Content - Design and content go hand-in-hand. The visual images and good, relevant content boost the website’s visibility and importance. If the content is search-engine optimised, it is even more conducive.
  • Compatibility Attribute - The website should be designed in such a way that it is compatible to all browsers and search engines so as to not limit its reach.
  • Multimedia Feature - If there is a good usage of video or audio and it blends with the overall design and layout, then it can sustain users’ interest.
  • Interactive Element - If the website is made interactive, wherein users’ are encouraged to involve or participate, then also it does pique a searcher’s interest.
  • Technological component - When up-to-date advanced technology is implemented, graphic designers can create innovative, competent designs that are dynamic works of art. The designs can be either dynamic or responsive depending on the clients’ needs.

In today’s internet-savvy world, a website has become integral to any business irrespective of its size or operations. Therefore, a first-rate website design has become the norm and is imperative. For any individual, professional, SMBs, large corporations, online shopping websites, all of them require a good website representation to enhance their business presence.

We offer a suite of Digital Marketing Services and Solutions to clients’ and businesses in Australia

visualise the look and feel and graphically represent them. The design elements and concepts specifically follow some guidelines and principles.

Why The Ocean Technology Group?

The Ocean Technology Group engages experienced professionals who create intuitively designed, user-friendly designs capturing all the elements of user interface (UI) so as to render a complete and satisfying user experience to all our esteemed clients’. For this, we do engage in detailed effort estimation, fact-finding, requirements gathering, analysis and we then delve into the design creation. We do pay a lot of attention to client requisites, likes, suggestions and we then convert all the intricacies involved into a simple, engaging website design that brings in the intended positive results to our clients

When it comes to website designing the work we undertake is listed below:
  • Website designing and development
  • Dynamic and static web design
  • Responsive web design
  • Information website design
  • Website revamp and redesign
  • Shopping cart web designing

Personalized design

As a client you are looking for the inimitable design so as to make an impact on the user. As a result, we craft websites after considering all your requirements.

Technological proficiency

We have an in-depth and profound knowhow of the latest technologies and software. This gives us the definitive edge in offering you impressive web designs that would give you a greater visibility online.

Managing your website

We implement the latest web management systems that give you full access to your account and you have the liberty to track and manage your account. Also if there are any changes or updates, we implement that on an immediate or regular basis.

Affordability factor

Our costing is viable and reasonable. We also have do have customised packages that you can choose from.

For us at The Ocean Technology Group, our sole aim to make you look really good online. We regard web designing as a work of art. The unique elements, the user-friendly standout features, navigability, interactive designs when combined with the latest in technologies is definitely an illustration where the end-product conveys the art meets technology aspect and in turn helps promote a client’s business.

So why wait?

The Ocean Technology Group is constantly interacting with prospective clients and impressing upon them the work we undertake and deliver. If you would like to learn more about our design services, then write to us or get in touch with us today!

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