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A Design Layout is a prearranged design model that includes the styles and essentials a website should showcase. On the parent website of The Ocean Technology Group, you will find many professionally designed layouts that are apt for many different types of businesses. They are categorised based on the type or genre of business. A design or page layout is basically a fundamental part of the Graphic designing component. This basically pertains to the visual elements aspect on a web page. Therefore, a lot of structural design factors and composites have to be taken into consideration before finalizing a design.

A design takes care of the aesthetic aspect whereas the layout is the structure of the web page. The layout is responsible for overall representation of the page but when it comes to the design aspect the placement of the tabs, titles, buttons are paid attention to. But one commonality is that if changes are to be made, it is possible.

Our graphic design experts at The Ocean Technology Group design-layout will always make an effort to find out what you have in mind and a design that would best suit your requirements. All that you have to do is to go through our design layout templates, select the ones that you like and are interested in, take down the reference code number if available, and you can write to us, so we could discuss and finalise the same when we meet to consult and finalise.

A small note: If in fact, you liked a Design layout template, it can be personalized to suit your needs and you have all the freedom to choose any design layout template from any business category that we have listed. You don’t have to stick to only the templates that apply to your business type. There is no hard and fast rule; even if those templates belong to another business domain we can still modify it to suit your specifications.

Some of our business specific design layout templates pertain to these genres:
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