What is a Shopping Cart?

These days, with advancing technologies, Smartphone penetration, faster internet access, exposure and awareness and most of all surfing and shopping from within the comfort of your space, what more could you ask for?

Therefore, worldwide, there is a major ecommerce revolution with many businesses making their presence felt online either locally or globally. Therefore, in the online marketing scenario, a Shopping Cart is basically a Ecommerce software loaded on to a web server that lets all users visiting the website to select, shop and buy products and after final selection, checkout and enter the relevant payment options and the same will be delivered to your home.

Some key elements are:
  • The Storefront module: This is the public section of the online store, wherein searchers visit and access, surf and order the products of their choice. The storefront appearance, pages added, information updates are not controlled by the ecommerce software but in turn the information is updated in the database.
  • The Administration module: This section is maintained by the owner or the merchant. Updating of product stock, availability, categories, charges, discounts if any, offers and editing of any records are done in this module. This can be accessed either via web application or an individual desktop application.
Some of the popular types of shopping carts software are:
  • Hosted variant: In this type of software, the service is always provided externally by a provider and the same is maintained on a monthly or an annual retainer basis. Additionally, small fixed sales returns should also be paid. This software’s designs are more template-based.
  • Licensed version: The software is bought and the merchant will own the licence and this can be hosted on any server and operated.
  • Open source service: Under this type, the software is free and comes with no cost. The store owner has to host it on any server and users can access and modify the code if they chose to.
Now you can have your custom-designed online store armed with the state-of the-art design and compatible features that will give you ‘THE ONLINE PRESENCE’ from Day One!

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Some features of The Ocean Technology Group Shopping Cart or Ecommerce website would be:

  • Unlimited product pages update, promotions and discount features, large inventory hosting.
  • A good CMS or content management system which takes care of the exhaustive, ever-changing web content, which can be edited, changed and updated regularly.
  • The shopping cart software comes with SEO customised features.
  • Shopping cart compatible open source software like PHP, MySQL etc. can be modified.
  • Storefront backgrounds, colour schemes, layout can be changed according to the occasion as it has adaptable built-in features.
  • Customizable filters for products as per price, in stock, on offer etc.
  • Live customer package tracking facility.
  • Promotions, discounts and offers updates possible on a regular basis.
  • Very user-friendly with good speed and easy to navigate within the online store website.
  • Domain name registration, web hosting and payment gateway options for the website.
  • Good server space that can be upgraded periodically with an option for adding and deleting web pages constantly.
  • Content, product descriptions can be changed and maintained at the client’s end as the shopping cart is hosted on a good CMS platform.
  • A safe and secure admin and payment module which is safe and secure against any phishing attacks.
  • Consultations,constant technical support and backup are provided.
  • Searchable URLs and a website with good user experience backing.
  • Plugin features on the website like email service, send to a friend; subscribe to newsletters, delivery alerts etc.
  • SEO and Google Analytics backed website so as to increase your site’s visibility.
Our tailor-made, customizable shopping cart web design solutions are definitely one-of-a-kind. Over the last 6 years, we have catered to many online businesses in Australia and we design, develop, host and maintain their websites. Our experienced developers and software specialists are equipped to create shopping carts that are very user-friendly, can handle huge traffic, easy to navigate coupled with the best in design and development. All that you have to do is to touch base with us and give us your requirements and we will design an online shopping store that would just be what the doctor ordered! And to date, we have had a steady stream of clients’ who are very happy with our services and have always come back to us and also put in a good word by recommending our company.
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