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We are operational in Australia since 2009, when the The Ocean Technology Group seed was planted. And ever since, we have helped multiple businesses, companies and individuals to experience the ultimate in online visibility and thus revel in their success.

When we talk about ourselves, we are on the one hand a creative agency, and on the other we are a search marketing and web design firm. Whatever be our references, we are definitely a one stop shop for propelling you or your company to greater heights via the online medium.

Our expertise, experience, market analysis and a proactive approach has helped us immensely. We know everything that would help you be successful online. 

We have designed specific packages and processes that cater exclusively to smaller businesses or new businesses that are just starting out. We also understand any limitations or budget constraints you may have and our business model is formulated keeping all these factors in mind. Therefore, it is all the more beneficial to you.

Our disruptive work models, transparency in all our interactions, flexibility, affordable rates, modifiable packages coupled with an experienced and committed team would definitely help you generate the results you are seeking.

In our full-fledged operations, we have over 80 team members who share our passion and zeal. Our qualified staff members will take care of all your requirements, every step of the way right from our first interaction, gathering information, constantly interacting, incorporating your inputs, likes and addressing all your queries and delivering the final product be it web designing for different genres, SEO implementations, online marketing, content marketing, web hosting and any technology-solutions projects.

Today, with the online revolution, the business setting has changed tremendously. In fact, it is ever-changing, everyday there is something new to adopt or adapt to. Methodologies change, constant updating to changing scenarios, eliminating some, adding on new, it is a repository by itself. Therefore, clients’ want to make the most of this and do not want to be left behind because they have not adapted to these changes and many a time, they are not aware of the whole process. That is where we, The Ocean Technology Group comes in. From the start of the online mission, we will capture the power of the internet and deliver the results to you. In this, we guarantee steady growth in online rankings and rating and also constant monitoring and reports generation to update you on the progress.

So today, fast forwarding to the present, The Ocean Technology Group is rapidly growing and we are slowly planning on entering newer geographies like New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. As we gain ground and establish ourselves, while crystal gazing into the future, we can see ourselves as a force to reckon with in the field of digital marketing and website development.

And for all this and more, all that you have to do is to get in touch with us or drop an email and we will take it forward and complete the assigned task that you have entrusted us with.

Always remember, we are in your neighbourhood.
Call us anytime at 1300 007 809

We offer a suite of Digital Marketing Services and Solutions to clients’ and businesses in Australia

All our listed services are decisively designed to give you absolute control, an incomparable support, help generate the desired outcome and in the process you have a lot more time to focus on running your business machination.

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  • Guaranteed Rankings Online: We are certain that we can get your business a good ranking on Google and other popular search engines. If in case, you do not see a considerable increase in search results, for at least one chosen keyword, even after 3 months, we assure that our work will be on the house, for free! No questions asked!
  • Structured Reporting: We will provide comparative ranking reports on a regular basis every month so that you can always monitor your search campaign's growth and advancement. For larger SEO projects, reports can be generated on a weekly basis, if required.

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