PHP Applications

PHP is basically a short form for Hypertext Pre-processor. When it comes to web designing and development, PHP should be incorporated as it helps developing robust websites and web pages and renders a great web experience, while employing its resourceful scripting language. As it adopts open-source technology on the server’s side, and have many apt features and functionalities. Early 2013 statistics reveal that PHP has been implemented in over 240 million websites and over 2 million web servers.

Some of PHP’s beneficial features include:
  • Basically, PHP does not cost, as it is constantly updated by contributory developers from around the world and most aspects can be freely used and distributed.
  • The reach and capability of PHP is so high that this can be employed in any website design and it can handle large websites which do get a lot of users or traffic. Examples would be social media sites, online encyclopaedias’ etc.
  • It is easy to read and understand its basic language structure. It is very familiar to most programmers as its source code is based on HTML and C/C++ and people are comfortable using it.
  • PHP works cross-platform and can run on most operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux.
  • PHP is known to support most web servers and databases, therefore, this adds to its acceptability and popularity.
  • The processing speed of PHP is pretty fast and therefore, most web applications especially the shopping cart web designs are based on this technology. PHP uses its own memory space and therefore, the loading time is reduced.
  • Employing the PHP technology ensures that your web application or website is safe and secure as it has many levels of security and thus it can shield any website from any form of attacks or virus.
  • PHP is pre-configured, time-tested and proven and has been around for more than two decades and a lot of websites and web applications run on this technology.
  • PHP is considerably stable, flexible and has a good speed.
  • PHP is an open source; therefore a repository of FAQs, help manuals and relevant documentation is available online.
  • With PHP it is easier to access other web-based tools with relative ease.
  • If you are creating a dynamic or responsive website, then PHP is ideal as it automatically refreshes and updates it.
  • It is user-friendly, easier to deploy and there is a lot of updated code shared online.
  • It is simple and even a newbie can learn it fast. It is uncomplicated and very suited to any condition. It has many advanced aspects that do draw the interest of a seasoned programmer.

Some basic insights into PHP-related projects are that since it is completely free and open source, we will not be charging you for the cost of the software or technology. Instead, we would only be charging you for the work, effort and the allocated project hours our experienced developers would put in. On a general basis, we would recommend PHP compatible web applications, web designing and its development as the software is very user-friendly, adaptable, delivers good speed and can accommodate larger traffic to your websites. Also if you want to add dynamic content in the web pages and for better ROI, PHP is your best bet.

Our designated PHP software specialists in our team come with the experience and the understanding to undertake projects of any size, genre or domain. You can rest assured that once you are onboard, you are in good hands! The assigned work will be done and delivered!

So, if you have any PHP-related queries or projects, write to The Ocean Technology Group today!

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