What is .Net?

The .NET configuration is basically a software framework that was a major technology contribution from Microsoft. This program runs mostly on the Windows platform and can be integrated with web-based services and applications. When Microsoft devised this program, they did consider the complexities that existed in their earlier released programming languages like Visual Basic and VC++, they removed a lot of unwanted, complex features that existed in them and they introduced a user-friendly programming structure in Dot Net.

The basic aim of .Net framework is to ease desktop development and web applications. This platform aids the software development of web-based projects. Dot Net is created on a Common Language Runtime (CLR) framework. Programming languages like C # net, VB .Net etc are compatible. Dot Net helps most businesses as it has many dynamic features oriented to web applications, desktop software requisites, website support, console applications, windows applications etc.

Therefore, these days, most developers and designers prefer it for its multiple-application characteristics.

.Net is compatible with programming languages like:
  • C++.Net
  • C++.Net
  • V5#.Net
  • C# .Net
  • VC++.Net
  • VB.Net
Some of the advantages and features of the .Net framework
  • .Net does reduce the code measure that is required for building bigger web-based applications which are being developed in this structure.
  • Any web application developed in this framework is secure and can be configured easily.
  • The derived symbolic usage WYSIWYG meaning ‘what you see is what you get’ contextually applies very well here.
  • There is good server access, controls and better functionalities.
  • HTML coding and source codes are separate, and changes if any can be easily made.
  • .Net is independent of the language used.
  • It is easy to remove and fix bugs in this program.
  • It can be easily deployed and its implementation is simple and easy.
  • Before the code is applied to any web browser, it first functions as a .Net platform.

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