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What is Software development?

Software development is a method of developing software in consecutive stages in a methodical manner. This method includes the code writing and also entails the preparing of project requisites and its goals by designing the code and then applying it so as to meet the results and achieve the goals.

Software development follows a methodology which is referred to as SDLC or the software development lifecycle. This structure applies to the overall process to fulfil a task or objective. As per the SDLC, when a client has assigned or requested for work to be done, then the process includes:

Software Development

Requirements gathering - Here all the requirements are collected and understood before the start of the project.

The software designing stage - When the project has been undertaken, the design process, outline and summarising happens.

Implementation or the coding phase - Once the outlines are clear and the plans are devised, the software has to be developed and implemented and accordingly the coding and other related work has to be implemented.

Testing stage- Once the software is ready, then the same has to be tested to see if it will sustain in different conditions, if there are issues or problems, the same can be addressed and fixed and a thorough screening is undertaken to rule out any foreseeable issues or problems.

Integration - Once the testing phase is done, then the project or the developed module has to be integrated into the main system.

Installation or deployment - Once all phases have been addressed and completed, the project is deployed and delivered to the client and they can start implementing it at their end.

Maintenance phase - Once the software has been delivered and is implemented at the client site, then regular screening, updations, maintenance and fixing any bugs or issues are all that is required. This is an ongoing process which is a part of the SDLC and undertaken on behalf of the client.

Our software development skill sets

At Ocean Groups’ our software development proficiency and expertise can only be experienced when you hire us to undertake any software development solutions and services projects.

The main objectives in any of the software-related projects are that we follow the SDLC pattern and thus follow the steps meticulously before embarking on the project. Once the development work is underway, we regularly interact with our clients deriving any required inputs, updating and informing them about the work that is carried out.

We do offer superlative software development solutions, web applications, web designing and development and other related services that can be modified and tailor-made to suit client specifications. Once the project is ready to be implemented, our experienced software personnel and our project managers would constantly update and guide you all through the implementation process.

We cater to both small and medium businesses and larger corporations and firms. Whatever your software requirement could be in terms of content management systems, web designing, shopping cart websites, or integrating client devices and systems, the list can just go on.

We not only develop software, we also solve your problems and ease your business process. So for all your software needs, think of Ocean Groups!