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Fossil Energy Services - If ever you are considering a career as a Wellsite Geologists or you are seeking some serious oil exploration work in the areas of Coal Seam Gas (CSG), Gas Today or even Coal Bed Methane, then you should consult with Fossil Energy Services to either further a career prospect or for some joint exploration activities you may be considering.

And now, if you want to know in-depth what typically constitutes the responsibilities of Wellsite Geologists, then Fossil Energy Services details the same for your reference:

Some of the activities, roles, and responsibilities of Wellsite Geologists include:

It is the Wellsite Geologist who tracks operations on the well site, be it an oil rig or a gas well, and offers extensive advice as to how to go about the whole drilling process or how to approach it.

The Wellsite Geologists of Fossil Energy Services gathers and evaluates samples of whatever was derived from the site or well and then accordingly convey the same to the staff members on site and prepare reports and submit it to the other geologists and also the exploration company.

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